Results of the first General Assembly

The very-first General Assembly of The People’s SCE took place online on June 23, 2023. During that time the newly elected Delegates voted on several key issues that will affect the future of the eCredits Ecosystem and user experience.


Key Resolutions

The full details of the General Assembly’s historic first meeting are available to SCE Members only via the eCredits Portal.

Member Equality

The General Assembly voted to extend full equality to all SCE members. (Originally, founding members were given disproportionate voting rights.) The vote gives all members equal rights and obligations, in line with the SCE’s “One Member, One Vote” credo.

Profit Sharing

The General Assembly approved measures that will soon allow SCE members to receive shares of the SCE’s profits. First steps are expected this Autumn. Stay tuned!

New Home for the SCE

The General Assembly formalized the SCE headquarters’ new location. The vote will enable the upcoming registration process.

Enhanced Delegate System

The General Assembly clarified the role of SCE Delegates and

established guidelines for enhancing transparency and accountability as
well as the election, resignation and dismissal of Delegates.

Get Involved in the Governance Process:

Become a member of The People’s SCE

The People’s SCE members:

– Have full voting rights (“one member, one vote”)

– Drive the development of The People’s SCE and eCredits

– Are shareholders of The People’s SCE, with a persona share certificate

– Enhance their financial wellbeing

– Help build a new economy by and for the people