Shape the Future!

The People’s SCE is the place to be for people who want to shape things, and who want to participate and direct the future of The People’s SCE and its projects.

One Member, one Vote

The People’s SCE is a legally-registered entity wherein each member holds a share. Members of The People’s SCE are empowered to vote – and have their voices heard. Each member, regardless of background, status or assets, are entitled to one vote per initiative.

Be empowered

The People’s SCE is the first cooperative in the fintech industry that empowers its members – not nameless shareholders and bureaucrats – to have a direct say in the strategic management.

The first project: eCredits Applications

The first project of The People’s SCE is to provide the eWallet App, the Web Portal, the Cashier App and the Merchant Suite based on the eCredits Blockchain Technology.

The goal of the eCredits Ecosystem is to become “The People’s Financial Marketplace”. See more about the innovative eCredits Ecosystem right here on

Typically, in the fintech  industry, members have no influence in decisions that affect them and their livelihoods. 

Through their participation and voting rights, The People’s SCE members have the opportunity to help shape a financial ecosystem for and by the people and, by extension, their financial wellbeing.

eCredits is just the start. More products of The People’s SCE will be unveiled in the future.

Membership Facts and Pricing

Membership in The People’s SCE is just a few short steps away. See below for our fees, benefits and the three steps membership application process.


60,00 EUR*

* Membership fees include:

1 SCE business share in nominal value of 10 EUR

Handling fee in the amount of 50 EUR

VAT applied to the handling fee (depending on location) 

Membership benefits include:

Important: Memberships may be cancelled, after which the 10 EUR SCE business share is refunded within three months.

Start your application

To apply for your People’s SCE membership simply: 

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Join The People’s SCE!

The People’s SCE members:

– are shareholders with a personal share certificate

– have full voting rights: one member, one vote

– drive the development of The People SCE’s Projects, for example eCredits 

– enhance their financial wellbeing 

– help build a new economy by and for the people 

* Become an approved member of The People’s SCE and get 50 free eActivity Token (ACT) as a Welcome Bonus. This promotion is valid until October 31, 2022. The eActivity Token will be sent to the corresponding eWallet addresses via airdrop until November 30, 2022.

See Membership Promotion Terms and Conditions

Information about eActivity: